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ABB Automation products in application of MW wind turbine electrical control system

Article Source:ABB (China) limited low-voltage products business unit Publish Time:2016-8-24
  1. Overview


As one MW wind turbine application ABB of MW wind turbine application ABB the important global industrial control products suppliers, ABB can control for various industries to provide full range of automation products. Years of experience in cooperation with the world's main fan manufacturers, make the ABB fan power circuit and control circuit can provide a full range of products, formed the unique to ABB, optimized control automation products designed for wind power industry. The following ABB control automation products in the application of wind turbine control system are introduced.


2. use ABBAC31 90 series programmable controllers (PLC) made of high-performance controller network


Controller is the core of the whole electric control system, its main task is to control the fan adjustment according to the variation of wind power output, the fan running and all kinds of data in the process of detection, system protection, communication, etc. MW grade wind turbine control system is characterized by:

Few points:

The whole control system input and output points is not much, is generally not more than 300 points.


Large amount of data:

Electric control system in MW wind turbines is analyzed.studying doubly-fed speed regulation system and electric system mathematical model of complex structure, high precision; Remote monitoring system, the application of fault detection and the reset function make the controller data calculation is very large. Because of different priority event at the same time, the controller must be performed in accordance with the importance of the event different scan cycle.


These characteristics require a controller with high speed, support more priority task program structure, support advanced algorithm, etc. In addition, in order to ensure the system controller and frequency conversion equipment, real time and reliability of communication between controller and must support the field bus and remote monitor and control the use of industrial Ethernet communication. ABB's compact AC31 90 series PLC control system can be used for complex control functions of the application, operation speed can reach 0.07 ms/kB instruction, support the iec61131-3 standard programming, programming interface simple, friendly, simple and easy to extend and implement distributed, as many as five integrated communication interface (Modbus, TCP/IP, Profibus, DeviceNet, CanOpen) is used to open communication, I/O extension number as many as 1040 switch / 232 analog.


Use two KT98 respectively as the cabin is analyzed.studying controller and the controller, 1 KT97 as the main controller. The main function of the three controller as follows:

Engine controller: responsible for dealing with various sensors (including wind speed and direction), input and output points of signal acquisition, doubly-fed inverter given calculation, and with the doubly-fed is analyzed.studying inverter, controller, data communication between the main controller


Is analyzed.studying controller: processing variable propeller system signal acquisition, is responsible for the calculation of variable propeller system is analyzed.studying generated for a given frequency converter, with variable blade frequency converter and engine room controller, data communication between the main controller.

Main controller: responsible for the same engine controller, variable propeller controller of Ethernet communication between; Remote monitoring system of communication, and at the bottom of the tower drum signal acquisition.

The Ethernet communication between three controllers, guarantees the communication rate. Using CAN bus communication between controller and frequency converter, speed up to 1 mbyte/s. Under the premise of guarantee rate, communication reliability is also improved. This form of control structure has a clear division of responsibilities, strong real-time performance, the characteristics of stable and reliable.


  1. solving grid stability problem with contactor ABB AF series


Wind generator of electricity through the contactor power grid. Due to the size of the wind energy, diversity and uncertainty of changes of direction, causing the fan, frequent fluctuations of the load and wind farm built in the power grid more remote areas of relative weakness, in this case, the fan mistakenly interconnection, appear easily misunderstood column bring serious harm to electronic control system and mechanical structure. Therefore, you must choose reliable grid contactor will power to power grid.


In addition, ABB AF (AF400 - AF2050) series contactor also have to adapt to the unique performance of wind power grid conditions: within 20 ms after coil line fault to keep closed, coil operating voltage can be as low as 25% of the rated voltage. These performance, is very important to place the weak wind power grid.


  1. solve pitch systems with ABB mechanical lock WB75A standby power supply stability


Suddenly off the electric power in power grid, variable propeller system using standby power (battery or super capacitor group) will blade rotation to feathering position, to ensure that the fan in the condition of power grid blackout, absorption minimum wind, ensure the safety of the equipment. Standby power at the same time also must support the sensor and controller of the control system of dc circuit operation time, to record the necessary data


When normal work, by the ac power to power a variable propeller system, namely the K1 closed, backup power contactor K2 is in the closed state. Grid power grid (failure) happens, contactor K1 disconnect, standby power supply automatic cut, maintaining is analyzed.studying systems work. At this point, if the system caused by interference or other reasons for contactor K2 unexpected open, the fan will be entirely "blackout", even if the standby power supply capacity is enough, cannot automatically cuts, fan with remote monitoring system, blade stays in the working position, fan light. If the strong winds, the fan is likely to be damaged because of the no-load speed.


Standby power supply system to ensure the safe and stable work, can give the contactor K2 add mechanical lock. Closed contact K2, the mechanical lock to lock it. Don't contactor coil out electricity and disconnected, and when you need to contact K2 disconnected, can is analyzed.studying controller given E1 pulse signal to the picture, the contactor disconnect. Is analyzed.studying thus ensure the system safe and stable work.


  1. using full range of ABB Automation products control system of auxiliary circuits


ABB low voltage product variety is complete, can according to need, choose suitable products. ABB S260 series miniature circuit breaker can be used as the selection of line protection, ABB GS260 series residual current circuit breaker can be used as outlet line protection. Because of the wind power installations, conditions in variable propeller control cabinet need to install the heating element to prevent condensation may be produced when temperature changes. Due to the variable propeller control cabinet confined space is not suitable for installation by a fan for cooling type of heater; And plate type heater area is large, can achieve the ideal effect through its own area of heat dissipation, small temperature difference in control cabinet. ABB's plate heater, is suitable for use in airtight is analyzed.studying control enclosure.


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