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Application of ABB frequency converter in constant pressure water supply

Article Source: Publish Time:2016-8-3

First, the structure and principle of variable frequency converte Application ABB frequency frequency converte Application ABB constant pressure water supply system

Variable frequency constant pressure water supply control system by measuring the pipeline pressure, the converter's built-in PID regulator after operation, to adjust output frequency, realize the constant pressure water supply pipe network


Second, the equipment type selection

Variable frequency constant pressure water supply system is mainly composed of frequency conversion control cabinet, pressure sensor, water pump, etc. Frequency conversion control cabinet by circuit breaker, frequency converter, contactor and intermediate relay, PLC, etc


1. The principle is used in the water supply system

(1) reservoir capacity should be more than an hour's largest water supply.

(2) the pump head should be greater than the actual water level.

(3) should be greater than the actual maximum water supply pump flow combined.

(4) the frequency conversion control cabinet type:

The user can determine according to the height of water supply and water supply pump types and the Numbers, and then to the selection of control cabinet.


2. The frequency converter

According to the technological requirements, the proposal with ABB ACS510 series inverter. ACS510 series transmission is suitable for a wide range of industries, applicable to various types of loads. Especially fan, water pump against doing a special optimization, typical applications include constant pressure water supply, cooling fan, subway and tunnel fan, and so on.


The main technical data:

Power range: 1.1 132 w

Power supply voltage: 380/400/415/440/415/440/500 vac 3 phase + / - 10%;

Power frequency: 48-63 hz

Control connection: two programmable analog input (AI); Two programmable analog output (AO); Six programmable digital input (DI); Three programmable digital output (RO).


Continuous load capacity: 150%, In every 10 minutes to allow for 1 minute

Serial communication ability: standard RS - 485 interface can make inverter connected to the computer (Modbus) conveniently.

Protection feature: over-current protection, I2t, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, overheating protection, short circuit protection, earthing protection, undervoltage owe/buffer, motor overload protection, locked-rotor protection, serial communication fault protection, AI signal loss protection, etc.


Features compact structure, easy to install. Products through a variety of electrical safety standard certification, in line with GE, UL and ISO9001 quality certification system and ISO4001, etc.

ACS510 series inverter built-in PID, PFC, SPFC eight applications such as macro, simply choose to the application of macro, corresponding all parameters are automatically set, input and output terminals will be automatically configured, the default application of macro configuration greatly save debugging time, reduce the error. Most can implement drag 7 pump.


3. Application scope


1. The system can be used for production and living water, can also be used for hot water supply, constant pressure spray system, etc.

A. can be widely used in industrial enterprises, living and production water supply system and the enterprise own and reform project, waterworks, living community and fire water supply system.

B. can be applied to various occasions of constant pressure and variable pressure, cooling water and circulating water system.

C. can be used in sewage pumping station, sewage treatment and sewage systems.

D. spray can be used for agricultural irrigation and drainage, gardens, water features and the music fountain system.

E. can be used for hotels, large public buildings water supply and fire control system.


2. Technical indicators

A. the pump motor power: 1.1 KW to 132 KW

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