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ABB AC31 series programmable controllers (PLC) application in hydropower station ventilation and air conditioning equipment and public

Article Source: Publish Time:2016-1-7

Pumped storage power station is located in Chuzhou AC31 series application ABB City, AC31 series application ABB southwest suburb of Langya foothills of Langya Shan, is a major project by the Austria government export credit support and Anhui province "861" key construction projects. The power plant installed capacity of 600 thousand kilowatts, installed 4 stand-alone capacity of 150 thousand KW single-stage reversible pumped storage unit of underground powerhouse. The power station is part of the reservoir, water conveyance system, reservoir and ground switch station 5. After the completion of power plants, will play the peak regulation in power system, the important role of fm-pm and emergency standby, will improve the operation conditions of thermal power plant in Anhui province and East China Power grid, improve the safety reliability and economy the power grid operation, economic benefits and social benefits are very significant.


Langya Mountain Hydropower Station, public and ventilation and air conditioning equipment adopts multi-layer control, a common host computer control workstation design, each subsystem design of local control unit, in the main control and network failure, local control unit can still independently within the system equipment monitoring and control functions.


The local control subsystem adopts PLC for the control system, PLC requires a higher price for. The energy storage plant selected ABB AC31 series programming controller.ABB AC31 series programming controller can complete radiation hundreds of meters or even several kilometers of distributed application, and is economical and reliable, flexible configuration, communication function is powerful wait for a characteristic, fully meet the the storage requirements of power plant control.



Public equipment master workstation is responsible for coordinated management of public equipment in place of each subsystem, record and calculate the operation information, and the processed data stored in the database, and complete remote monitoring and remote control function of the public and the ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Each subsystem station respectively: internal drainage pump system, low pressure the air compressor system, fire pump and deluge valve control system, ventilation and air conditioning system, ABB AC31 50 series programmable controller system for sub station control. Among them, the ventilation and air conditioning system is divided into the main building, auxiliary plant, field installation auxiliary plant and outlet remote control shaft several stations, each remote control station respectively by several I/O set of remote distributed control and remote I/O uses 50 series Modbus remote extension module, not only improves the system performance, but also can ensure the stability of the system for each PLC. Sub stations with Modbus protocol and common equipment for computer communication, sub station and master station distance the longest to 1380 meters. Whole system using the abb AC31 series programming controller advantages, realize the optimization of control. The system of computer monitoring software by Jay control software FameView, FameView is a set of industrial data acquisition, process monitoring, data management of high performance industrial automation software. It has powerful function of graphics, variables, graphic replacement of modular functions very quickly, the speed of communication and the screen refresh rate, but also integrated SMS, data processing and alarm service.



The whole system design is reasonable, the operation is simple, safe and reliable, the system is put into operation after fully meet the user's requirements, and has been running well, get the user's high praise.


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