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OMRON CJ1W-ETN11 Ethernet Module CJ1W-ETN11

Brand: OMRON.
OMRON Product name: Ethernet OMRON CJ1W-ETN11 Module.
Model: CJ1W-ETN11.
Communi-cations OMRON CJ1W-ETN11 cable: 100Base-TX.
CJ1W-ETN11 Ethernet Communications services: FINS communications, FTP server, socket services, and
mail services.
Unit numbers: 0 to F (4 Units max.).
Brand: OMRON.
Product name: Analog Input Unit.
Model: CJ1W-AD081-V1.
CJ1W CJ1W-ETN11 Serie omron AD081-V1 Inputs: 8 pts.
Signal range>Voltages: 1 to 5 V, 0 to 10 CJ1W-ETN11 V, 0 to 5 V, 鈥?0 to 10 V.
CJ1W-AD081-V1 Signal range>Currents: 4 to 20 mA.

Brand: CJ1W-ETN11 OMRON.
Product name: DC Input Unit.
CJ-Series 64 Pts Model: CJ1W-ID261.
CJ1W ID261 Input voltage: 24 VDC.
ID261 Inputs: 64 pts.
Input current (typical): 4.1mA.
Connections: Fujitsu-compatible connector.

Brand: OMRON.
Product name: Position Control Module.
Brand&Model: OMRON CJ1W-NC213.
Control method/Control output interface: Open-loop control by pulse train
output/Open-collector output.
Position CJ1W-NC213 Module Number of control axes: 2 axes.
No. of unit numbers allocated: 1.

Brand: OMRON.
Product Name: Power supply Unit.
Model: CJ1W-PD022.
Input range: 21.6 to 26.4 VDC.
CJ1W-PD022 Power consumption: 35 W max.
Output capacity at 5VDC: 2.0 A.
Output capacity at 24VDC: 0.4 A.
Max. output power: 16.6 W.
Features: -.
Width: 27 mmm.
Power OMRON CJ1W-ETN11 supply Unit Standards: UC1, CE.

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