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CJ1W EIP21 price omron CJ1W-EIP21

Brand: OMRON.
OMRON Product name: Ethernet/IP CJ1W EIP21 price Unit.
Model: CJ1W-EIP21.
CJ1W-EIP21 CJ1W EIP21 price Ethernet/IP Interface Module for CJ1 PLCs.
Features : Exchange status via tag data link, CIP message, FINS/UPD, FINS/TCP.
EtherNet/IP CJ1W-EIP21 Communications functions: Tag data link message service.
Brand: OMRON.
Product Name: DC Input Unit.
OMRON Model: CJ1W-ID211.(CJ1W-ID231 CJ1W EIP21 Inputs: 32 pts)
Input voltage: 24 VDC.
OMRON ID211 Inputs: 16 pts.
Input CJ1W EIP21 current (typical): 7mA.
Input Module CJ1W-ID211 Connections: Removeable terminal CJ1W EIP21 block.

Brand: OMRON.
Product name: DC Input Unit.
Model: OMRON CJ1W-EIP21 CJ1W-ID212.
Points: 16 inputs(High-speed type)
Input voltage and current: 24 VDC, OMRON CJ1W-EIP21 7 mA.
Connection: Terminal block
Commons: 16 points, 1 common

Product name: Profibus-DP master unit.
Model: CJ1W-PRM21.
Master unit provides data exchange, diagnostics and message communications.
Network type : Profibus-DP
CJ1W-PRM21 Rating : 12 Mbps: 1200 m distance: 125 nodes: shielded twisted pair cable: allows 7, 168 words of I/O data per PLL: one RS-485 port

Brand: OMRON.
Product name: Position Control Module.
Brand&Model: OMRON CJ1W-NC213.
Control method/Control output interface: Opeen-loop CJ1W-EIP21 control by pulse train
output/Open-collector output.
Position CJ1W-NC213 Module Number of control axes:: CJ1W-EIP21 2 axes.
No. of unit numbers allocated: 1.

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