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CPIE ACS550 inverter via Modbus Protocol control

Time:2016-5-24 5:42:15

CP1E inverter control inverter programs ACS550 converters through the Modbus Protocol.
Re:  Time:2016-5-24 13:55:00
Port a or control Modbus b? control Modbus Port from the D1200 fill parameters, port 2 from D1300 began to fill in the parameters. Specific reference to Modbus CP1E manual chapters. Settings for baud rate, format, and so on to be consistent on both sides.
Re:Re:  Time:2016-5-24 16:19:00
Recommends control Modbus refer control Modbus to the software manual CP1E unit 14-4 chapter.
Re:Re:Re:  Time:2016-5-24 21:07:00
See seriaeway control Modbus Chapter, control Modbus CPU CP1E software manual. Do not need to own a CRC check, if in turn fill D1300 start channel can
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