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CPU21 branch support communication module CQM1H-SCB41?
What is the alternative model of C200HS-CPU21
It seems to be discontinued, please recommend alternative models, thank you!
Can CQM1-CPU21 connect to the CQM1-DRT21 extension module
CPU21 connect to the CQM1-DRT21 extension module?
CPU unit itself to provide 24VDC? I see from the manual, the output terminal can also pick up 220VAC, now I don't know exactly how to take the output voltage. How do I judge correctly? Thanks
C200H-CPU01 problem
CPU01 this model has been discontinued, what model should be used to replace?
TIML in cj1m-CPU22
CPU22 in the TIML instructions normally open contact is what, like TIM 0154 #3600 time to contact is T154, then TIML time to contact is how much, thank you
Questions about CQM1H-CPU11
CPU11 and output module CQM1-OD213 used together, you can enter a pulse? Would you like to add a pulse I/O board? Thank you
PLC battery
CPU41 and CQM1H-CPU21 inside the battery model is what? Where can I get relevant information? Thank you
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