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Application of OMRON safety products in the automotive industry

Article Source: Publish Time:2016-5-11


  1. OMRON security technology


In automotive industry Application OMRON factory automotive industry Application OMRON automation increasingly development today, people are paying more attention to the safety of the production site. In car factories, for example, especially in the high degree of automation of welding workshop and assembly workshop, the emergence of a large number of welding robot and assembly manipulator, caused many need security and protection of the danger zone, so the security sensors, such as regional protection scanners, safety light curtain, safety lock, carpet, use of urgent stop switch and so on are very common. Omron security products mainly include the following categories:


  1. security product


Safety door switch: switch detection and locking of the security, such as D4NH urgent stop switch: used when anomalies or risk occurs when the equipment stops, such as A22E safety light curtain: the entrance to the protection of frequent in and out of work, such as carpet F3SJ security: for the existence of the region detection, ensure the safety of dangerous areas, such as scanning D9M area sensor: the presence or absence of detection and warning while approaching the danger zone, such as F3G - C.


  1. safety control products:


Safety relay: built-in forced steering mechanism, prevent to get an electric shock the danger caused by welding, such as G7SA safety relay unit/controller: security composition and control of the circuit, and implement safety control network, such as NE1A DevICeNetSafety intelligent network controller.


Traditional security <a href="/searchfanan.html?search=system&select=7">system is still in the "safety relay" or "safety PLC" state of the low-level control bus control system, which limits the development of the production process control system greatly. But if these safety devices connected to the safety of the fieldbus system, will exist larger safe hidden trouble, is a kind of safety control of the state. Based on this situation, OMRON DeviceNetSafety developed a secure network system, as shown in figure 1, the bus control system has greatly accelerated the pace of progress control system. Use the DeviceNet network safety control has the following advantages: security authentication software logic circuits can be obtained; The miniaturization of interlock relay board, save space; According to user requirements can be flexible processing program changes; Can be flexible processing equipment model change; Save the wiring; Shorten the development time, etc.


  1. the application of safety bus systems in the automotive industry


  1. welding robot car factory there are a lot of welding robot welding workshop, welding robots need to be installed around the mechanical safety fence, safety lock, laser protection scanner and urgent stop switch and other safety protective equipment. These safety protection devices can be connected through the "safety bus interface" to the safety bus system.


  1. automatic punching machine


In automatic punching machine working area, usually install mechanical safety fence, safety locks, with shielding safety in and out of the entrance to the grating sensor, abrupt stop switch security sensors, etc. The safety protection device can be connected to the bus system, security control network system.


In this kind of high degree of automation of welding workshop, the emergence of a large amount of welding robot and assembly manipulator, caused many need security and protection of the danger zone. Therefore, the application of safety products is very important. In figure 2, the abrupt stop switch in the equipment abnormal cases immediately stop its operation; Between welding workbench and workers work station installation safety light curtain, in case the machine hand into the body during the work; In the area around the machine hand working radius installation area of laser scanner, to prevent the human body into the danger zone; At the same time, which can be used safely by DeviceNet network remote extension


In the control system includes two DeviceNet network, including DNET1 DeviceNetSafety network, the network by security controller NE1A for safety controlling center, DST1 from stations. NE1A itself comes with 16 road safety input, 8 road safety outputs, can be an external products, all kinds of safety input and output itself has to use a function block calculus of functions, and both DeviceNet standard from the station function; At the same time, for the expansion system of safety input and output, and from the station DST1, so as to realize the extension of the network. DNET2 for standard DeviceNet network, the network main effect for the control equipment of mechanical motion, at the same time as the information network of the whole system, namely the outside world through the network (the main PLC) read remote information.


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