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Omron CJ1W-II101 interface

Brand: OMRON.
Product Name: I/O interface unit.
Model: Omron CJ1W-II101 CJ1W-II101.
Description: Omron CJ1W-II101 Start unit for each I/O expansion ‘rack’. Requires a power supply unit.
OMRON CJ1W II101 Width Length: 31 mm.
Brand: OMRON.
Product Name: DC Input Unit.
OMRON Model: CJ1W-ID211.(CJ1W-ID231 CJ1W II101 interface Inputs: 32 pts)
Input voltage: 24 VDC.
OMRON ID211 Inputs: 16 pts.
Input CJ1W II101 interface current (typical): 7mA.
Input Module CJ1W-ID211 Connections: Removeable terminal CJ1W II101 interface block.

Brand: OMRON.
Product name: Interrupt Input Unit.
Model: CJ1W-INT01(OMRON).
Input voltage: 24 VDC.
CJ1W-INT01 Interrupt Input Inputs: 16 inputs.
Input signal pulse width: ON: 0.05 ms min.OFF: 0.5 ms min.
CJ1W-INT01 External connections: Removable terminal block.

Brand: OMRON.
Product name: DC Input Module.
Name&Model: Input Module CJ1W-ID201.
CJ1W-ID201 OMRON Points : 8 points
Rating : 10 mA, 12 to 24 VDC
Connection : Terminal block
OMRON CJ1W-ID201 Current consumption : 0.06 A, 5 VDC

Brand: OMRON.
Product name: AC Input Module.
Model: CJ1W-IA201.
CJ1W-IA201 Input voltage: 200 to 240 VAC.
OMRON IA201 Input ModuleInputs: 8 pts.
Input current (typical): 9 mA.<
Connections: Omron CJ1W-II101 Removeable terminal block.

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