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Omron CJ1W CIF11 RS-422A Adapter CJ1W-CIF11

Brand: OMRON.
Product name: RS-422A Adapter.
Brand&Model: CJ1W CIF11 OMRON CJ1W-CIF11.
RS-232C to RS422/RS-485 adapter.
Rating CJ1W CIF11 : Used for serial PLC Link with CJ1M. Converts an RS-232C port to an RS-422/RS-485 port. Mounts directly to the CPU.
Brand: OMRON.
Product name: SSI inputs (absolute position data).
CJ1W-CTS21-E OMRON CJ1W-CIF11 Signal type: Synchronous serial protocol.
Remarks: Baud rate, encoding OMRON CJ1W-CIF11 type, data length, etc. can be set per channel.

Brand: CJ1W-CIF11 OMRON.
Product name: 100 kHz Counter.
Model: OMRON CJ1W-CTL41-E.
CJ1W-CTL41-E CJ1W-CIF11 Signal type: Line driver, 24 V via terminal block.
Remarks: Target values trigger CJ1W-CIF11 interrupt to CPU.

Brand: OMRON.
Product name: Controller Link Module.
Model: CJ1W-CLK21-V1.
Controller Link CJ1W-CLK21-V1 Communications cable: Wired shielded twisted-pair cable(See note.).
Communications type: Data links and message service.
CJ1W-CLK21-V1 Duplex support: No.
Max. Units mountable per CPU Unit: 8.

Brand: OMRON.
Product name: CompoNet Master Module.
Model: CJ1W-CRM21.
CompoNet Master for CJ1 PLCs
CJ1W-CRM21 Features : Control up to 2560 pionts, 384 nodes with one master
Specifications : Use CRT1 I/O slaves and CRS1 repeater Enclosure OMRON CJ1W-CIF11 Rating : IP20 equivalent

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