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C200H-ETL01-E Module OMRON C200H-ETL01-E

Includes text book, cassette tape, and input C200H-ETL01-E switch board.
8 pts, 1 A, 120 VAC.

Name: Temperature Control Module.
Model: OMRON C200H-ETL01-E C200H-TC102.
Sensor: Platinum OMRON C200H-ETL01-E resistance thermometer: JPt100 Pt100.
Control output: Voltage output.

2 OMRON C200H-ETL01-E axis, Pulse train output. directly connects to servomotor driver.

Model: C200H-OC221.
No. of points: 8 pts.
Specificcations: C200H-ETL01-E 2A, 250VAC/24VDC(For resistive loads).

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