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OMRON NET Link Unit C200HS-SNT32
A Bus Connection Unit must be ordered separately.
C200HS Communications SYSMAC NET Interface C200HS-SNT32.
OMRON Power Supply Adapter C200H-APS02
Required when supplying backup power.
For 2 Units.
OMRON SYSMAC LINK Fiber-optic Power Supply C200H-APS01
Name: SYSMAC LINK Fiber-optic Power Supply.
Model: C200H-APS01.
OMRON Space Module C200H-SP001
Name: Space Module.
Model: C200HW-CLK21.
Space Module: For I/O Module slots.
OMRON Back-up Battery C200H-BAT09
Name: Space Module.
Model: C200H-BAT09.
Description: Replacement for memory
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