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Fault maintenance of ABB frequency converter ACS800 ACS800 TEMP summary

Article Source:Shanghai Jin Shun inverter limited Publish Time:2015-11-20

ABB ACS800---ACS800 TEMP ACS800 Fault maintenance ABB converter maintenance summary


In ACS800 Fault maintenance ABB this paper, we discuss the process and failure analysis of ABB ACS800/110KW display "TEMP ACS800". For your reference.


Shanghai letter frequency converter technology service center recently received a customer, the site has a ACS800/110KW inverter, the power of the operation for a period of time to show TEMP ACS800 failure, can not reset. Engineer immediately rushed to the scene.


Check process:


Will be open to the inverter, check the inverter inverter rectifier module, inverter module, test diode characteristics. The inverter power supply, display normal, running, inverter three-phase output voltage balance, with load running for half an hour after the inverter display TEMP ACS800.


Failure explanation:


1, check the external ambient temperature.


2, check the inverter heat sink fan.


3, check the inverter internal cooling channel.


4, check the <a href="/searchfanan.html?search=motor&select=7">motor and the inverter is not matched.


5, temperature checking circuit failure.


Failure analysis:


According to the TEMP ACS800 fault interpretation, there may be 5 reasons for the failure of the:


1, the external environment temperature is too high.

2, inverter heat dissipation fan not to turn.

3, inverter cooling channel block.

4, inverter and motor does not match.

5, temperature detection circuit fault.


First, detect the first possibility. The external environment temperature is about 40 degrees, it can be said that the work of the frequency converter is allowed, and installed in the electrical room, electrical room has many of the same power converter is not used to appear such failure.


Second, check the inverter's cooling fan. As long as the frequency converter is running, the fan is turned and the sound of the wind turbine is stopped. Remove the wind turbine and run the test.


Third, inverter and motor power does not match. This converter has been running for several years, and it has not been used for the failure. And the display of TEMP ACS800 before the failure of the current, overload fault. Therefore, the hypothesis is not set up.


Fourth, the temperature detection circuit is a problem, which is possible. First do not rule out, and so on after the power test to rule out.


Fifth, cooling channel block. Will be completely open after the inverter found that the machine's cooling channel is indeed blocked. Cause the inverter can not heat. So this is the cause of damage.


Repair procedure:


First clean the inverter cooling channel, and then the board and the capacitor after the installation, testing, in line with the conditions of power. To the inverter power, power, output voltage balance, with load to the rated current, inverter fever is normal, the inverter repair. Therefore, the frequency converter shows that the TEMP ACS800 fault is due to the heat dissipation channel. The possibility of damage of the temperature detection circuit is eliminated.


Experience summary:


Shanghai Tianjin letter frequency converter repair service center according to the experience of the ABB converter repair for many years, the conclusion: in most cases, the fault is the inverter itself heat dissipation channel blocked.


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