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Mitsubishi Transistor Output module AY50
Model: AY50.
Transistor outputs: 16 points.DC12/24V, 0.5A / 1 Point, 2A / 1 common.
Response time: 2ms.
8 points per common.
20-point terminal block.
Size: 250(H)×37.5(W)×121(D)mm.
Weight: 0.42kg.
Mitsubishi DC input module AX81
Model: AX81.
Input DC: 32 points DC12/24V 4/10mA.
Response time: 10ms.
8 points per common.
Negative common type.
38-point terminal block.
Size: 250(H)×37.5(W)×131(D)mm.
Weight: 0.45kg.
Mitsubishi DC input/transistor output Module AH42
Model: AH42.
Input DC: 32 Points, DC12/24V, 3/7mA.
Response time: 10ms , 32 points per common, Positive common type.
Transistor output: 32 Points, DC12/24V, 0.1A /1 point, 1A /1 Common.
Response time: 2ms , 32 points per common, Sinking.
40-pin connector × 2.
Size: 250(H)×37.5(W)×131(D)mm.
Weight: 0.70kg.
Proface HMI GP37W2-BG41-24V
Product Name: HMI(Progammable operator interfaces).
Model: GP37W2-BG41-24V.
Type: Monochrome Blue-mode LCD (Blue/ White).
Backlight: CCFL (Service life: more than 25, 000 hours at 24 hr. operation).
Contrast Control: 8 levels of adjustment available via touch panel.
Nominal Display Area (mm): 115.2(W) × 86.4(H).
Display Attributes: Blink/ Reverse Video.
Resolution: 320 × 240 pixels.
Mitsubishi Inverter FR-A840-00770-2-60
Product Name: Inverter.
Model: FR-A840-00770-2-60.
Rated voltage: Three-phase 380 to 500 V.
Applicable motor capacity(SLD): 37 kW.
Rated input AC voltage/frequency: Three-phase 380 to 500 V 50 Hz/60 Hz.
Cooling system: Forced air cooling.
Approx. mass: 23 Kg.
Mitsubishi DC input module AX42
Model: AX42(Positive common type).
Input DC: 64 points DC12/24V 3/7mA.
Response time: 10ms
32 points per common
Positive common type
40-pin connector × 2
Size: 250(H)×37.5(W)×106(D)mm.
Weight: 0.51kg.
Mitsubishi CC-Link system master/local module AJ61BT11
Model: AJ61BT11.
Station / local station master.
Size: 250(H)×37.5(W)×131(D)mm.
Weight: 0.58kg.
Mitsubishi AC input module AX11
Model: AX11.
AC Input: 32 points, AC100 ~ 120V, 10mA.
Response time: 25ms.
Common, 32 points.
38-point terminal block
Size: 250(H)×37.5(W)×131(D)mm.
Weight: 0.49kg.
Mitsubishi AC input module AX20
Model: AX20.
AC Input: 16 points, AC200~240V, 10mA.
Response time: 25ms.
16 points per common.
20-point terminal block.
Size: 250(H)×37.5(W)×121(D)mm.
Weight: 0.38kg.
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