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Q81BD-J71LP21-25 MITSUBISHI Q81BD-J71LP21-25

Model: Q81BD-J71LP21-25.
PCI Q81BD-J71GF11-T2 Express bus.
Japanese/English Q81BD-J71GF11-T2 OS compatible.
SI/QSI/H-PCF/broadband H-PCF fiber optic cable.
dual loop.
controller network (control/normal station)
Mitsubishi Q81BD-J71LP21-25
Model: Q81BD-J71GF11-T2.
PCI Express compatible.
Ethernet connections in MITSUBISHI Q81BD-J71GF11-T2 line.
or line and star mixed.
configurable as master or local station.
Does not support MITSUBISHI Q81BD-J71GF11-T2 being used as the master station in a ring network.

Model: Q8BAT
Replacement large-capacity MITSUBISHI Q81BD-J71GF11-T2 battery module

Model: Q80BD-J71GP21S-SX.
PCI bus/PCI-X Serial communication module bus.
Japanese/English OS compatible.
multi-mode fiber optic cable.
dual loop.
Serial communication module
controller network (control/normal station).
with external power supply function

Model: Serial communication module Q80BD-J61BT11N
CC-Link interface board for an IBM PC/AT compatible PC (for PCI bus slot: master MITSUBISHI Q81BD-J71GF11-T2 station.
standby master station or local station)

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