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Model: Q6HLD-R2
Holder for preventing RS-232 Q6HLD-R2 cable (programmable controller CPU connection) disconnection
Mitsubishi Q6HLD-R2
Model: Q68B
8 slots.
MITSUBISHI Q6HLD-R2 1 power supply module required.
for Q Series modules

Model: Q6DIN3
DIN rail mounting adapter MITSUBISHI Q6HLD-R2 for Q32SB\ Q33SB\ Q35SB\ Q33B\ Q52B\ Q55B\ and Q63B

Model: Q64TCRT
4 channels.
MITSUBISHI Q6HLD-R2 platimum RTD (Pt100 JPt100).
no heater disconnection detection.
sampling cycle: 0.5 s/4 channels.

18-point terminal block

Model: Q68DAVN
8 channels.
input (resolution): 0 to 4000 -4000 to 4000 0 to 12000 -12000 to 12000 -16000 to 16000.

output: -10 to 10 V DC.
converssion Q6HLD-R2 speed: 80 s/channel.
18-point terminal block

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