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Model: Q55B
5 slots.
power supply module Q52B not required.
for Q Q52B Series modules
Mitsubishi Q55B
Model: Q52B
2 slots.
MITSUBISHI Q52B power supply module not required.
for Q Series modules

Model: Q55BL.
5 MITSUBISHI Q52B slots.
Power supply module installation not required.
MITSUBISHI Q52B For Q Series large input/output module installation.
Only supported only by High Performance QCPU and Universal QCPU (Excluding Q00UJCPU).

No.of I/O points: 4096 points.
no.of I/O device points: 8192 points.
program capacity: 500 k steps.

basic operation processing speed (LD instruction): 0.0095 s.
program memory capacity: 2000 KB.

multiple CPU high-speed communication.
peripheral connecttion Q52B ports: USB and Ethernet.
with memory card I/F

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