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Model: FX2NC-EEPROM-16C.
Applicable for: Base FX2NC-EEPROM-16 units FX2NC.
Memory type: FX2NC-EEPROM-16 EEPROM +RTC.
Size: 16.
000 steps.
Protect switch: Provided
Mitsubishi FX2NC-EEPROM-16C
Model: FX2NC-RTC.
Applicable for: Base units FX2NC.

Memory type: RTC MITSUBISHI FX2NC-EEPROM-16 (real time clock).

Protect switch: Not provided

Model: FX2NC-100BPCB.
Application: 24 V MITSUBISHI FX2NC-EEPROM-16 DC power cable for extension unit.
Length: 1 m

Model: FX2NC-64MT-D/UL.
Max.number MITSUBISHI FX2NC-EEPROM-16 inputs/outputs: 64 points.
Power supply: 24 V DC.
Integrated inputs: 32 points.
Integrated outputs: 32 points.
Output type: Transistor(sink).
Power consumption: 11W.
Weight(kg): 0.35.
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm: 60 x 90 x 87

Model: FX2NC-16EYT-D/UL.
Max.number inputs/outputs: 16 points.
Power supply: All modular extension blocks are supplied by the base unit.
Integrated inputs: --.
Integrated outputs: 16 points.
Output type: Transistor(sink type).
Connection type: Ribbon cable connector.
Weight(kg): 0.15..
Dimensions FX2NC-EEPROM-16 (W x H x D)mm: 20.2 x 90 x 89

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