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C500-MR831 OMRON C500-MR831 Memory Board

Model : C500-MR831.
OMRON C500-MR831
C500-OD I/O Unit Transistor Output 64 pts C500-OD211(3G2A5-OD211).
DC24V OMRON C500-MR831 0.1A.

C500-NC Special I/O Unit Position Control For pulse motors 2 axes C500-NC222-E

Model: C500-CN331.
Cable OMRON C500-MR831 length: 30 m.
Programming Console Connecting Cable.
For extension OMRON C500-MR831 and connection of FIT of FIT.

C500-NC Special I/O Unit C/CV Memory OMRON C500-MR831 Board Servo Module Single Axis Stepper C500-NC111-V1.

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