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A55B Module MITSUBISHI A55B Extension base

Model: A55B.
5 slots.
Can not install the power A55B supply unit.
Wearable QnA / A Series unit.
Size: 250(H)×297(W)×29(D)mm.
Weight: A55B 1.2kg.
Mitsubishi A55B
Model: AY60S.
Transistor outputs: 16 points.DC24/48V, 2A/1 Point, 6.4A/1 common.
Response MITSUBISHI A55B time: 2ms.
8 points per common.
sink type
20-point terminal block.
Size: MITSUBISHI A55B 250(H) 37.5(W) 121(D)mm.
Weight: 0.66kg.

Model: AJ65SBTB1-32DT3
Input MITSUBISHI A55B 16 points: 24VDC (positive common).
1-wire type.
High-speed response.
Response time 0.2ms.
Output16 points: 24VDC (0.5A).
Transistor output (sink type) .
1-wire type .
Terminal block type (low-leakage current type).
Screw terminal block type

Model: A2ACPUP21.
I/O points: 512 points.
Program capacity: 14k steps.
Basic instruction processing speed: 0.2 ~ 0.4us.
Memory: Memory-minute cassette inserted.
With optical data link capability.
Size: 254(H) 79.5(W) 121(D)mm.
Weight: 0.90kg.

Model: AY42-S3.
Transistor outputs: 64 points.DC12/24V, 0.1A / 1 Point, 2A / 1 common.
Response time: 2ms.
32 points per common.
40-pin connector 2.
> Size: A55B 250(H) 37.5(W) 101(D)mm.
Weight: 0.50kg.

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