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Model: A1NCPUR21.
I/O points: 256 points.
Program A1NCPUP21 capacity: 6k step.
Basic instruction processing speed: 1.0us.
Memory: A1NCPUP21 16k bytes.
Power Supply: AC100 ~ 120/200 ~ 240V input/ DC5V 5A/DC24V, Output 0.8A.
Data links with coaxial.
Size: 250(H)×135(W)×121(D)mm.
Weight: 1.75kg.
Mitsubishi A1NCPUR21
Product Name: Sync pulse encoder interface unit.
Model: A172SENC.
Attached MITSUBISHI A1NCPUP21 to the motion slot.
Built-in sync pulse encoder input for each one-point manual / input / input and MITSUBISHI A1NCPUP21 tracking each of the eight axes minutes.

Model : A1S58B(type does not require MITSUBISHI A1NCPUP21 power supply unit).
8 slots.
Can not install CPU the power supply unit.
Wearable QnAS / AnS series unit.
Size: 130(H) 365(W) 28(D)mm.
Weight: CPU 0.87kg.

Model : A1SJ71J92-S3.
JEMANET (OPCN-1) Master Station Interface Unit.
Transmission CPU speed: 125k, 250k, 500k, 1Mbps (selected by DIP switch).
Size: 130(H) 34.5(W) 119.8(D)mm.
Weight: 0.31kg.

Product: Control network Module.
Model: A1SJ51T64.
Outline: Twisted pair/cab-ttire MITSUBISHI A1NCPUP21 cable, single bus, MELSEC-I/O Link (master module).

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