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A16ZA-5203 OMRON A16ZA-5203 Legend panel

Model: A16ZA-5203. A16ZA-5203
Classifications: Square, Oil-resistant IP65, A16ZA-5203 Transparent.
OMRON A16ZA-5203
Model: A16ZJ-5202. OMRON A16ZA-5203
Classifications: Rectangular, IP40, Transparent.

Model: A16ZT-5202.
Classifications: Round, OMRON A16ZA-5203 IP40, Transparent.

Model: A16ZJ-5204.
Classifications: Rectangular, IP40, OMRON A16ZA-5203 Opaque.

Model: A16ZA-3003.
Used for covering the panel cutouts for
uture panel expansion..
DDegree A16ZA-5203 of protection: IP40.
Color: Black.

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