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862 Mennekes Plug AM-TOP Mennekes 862

Product Name:Plug AM-TOP?
Part No.862. Mennekes 862 :32A. Mennekes 862
Voltage:Isolating transformer.
Earth position:12 h.
Connection technology:Screw terminals.
Protection type:IP44.
screw terminals.
single part body.
cable gland and sealing.
strain relief and protection against kinking.
Mennekes 862
Product Name:Panel mounted inlet
Part No.:822.
Earth 862 Mennekes Plug AM-TOP position:4h. Mennekes Plug AM-TOP 862
Hertz 50-60Hz.
Connection Mennekes Plug AM-TOP technology:screw terminals.
Contact:nickel Mennekes 862 plated contacts, highly heat resistant contact carrier. Mennekes 862
Protection type IP44.
screw terminals.
highly heat Mennekes 862 resistant contact carrier.
nickel plated contacts.
a retaining nose to hold the hinged lid of the connector must be provided by the customer in order to ensure satisfactory locking.

Product Name:Power post
Part No.:84335.
Fitted with:1 CEE 16A, 5p, 400V
2 SCHUKO? 16A, 230V .
Fusing:1 MCB 16A, 3p, C
1 MCB 16A, 1p, B.
Pre-fuse max.:63A.
Connection/feeder cable:for 1 cable up to 5 x6mm2.
Enclosure size:1050 x 220 mm (H x ? inside).
Protection type: IP44.
from steel tube.
wall thickness 4.0 mm.
hot-dip galvanised.
colour: red.
hinged supply aperture.
with safety lock.
dimensions (H x ?): 1050 x 220 mm (inside).
weight: approx. 45 kg.
aperture at bottom: (H x W) 50 x 40 mm.
fixing flange: ? 360 mm.
with 4 fixing holes 15.5 mm.
for fixing to an existing fundament.

Product Name:DELTA-BOX receptacle combination
Part No.:89154.
Fitted with:1 CEE 16A, 5p, 400V
3 SCHUKO? 16A, 230V.
Connection/feeder cable:for 1 cable up to 5 x 10 mm2.
Protection type:IP67.
pre-wired for installation.
with cable grip and installed hanging hook.
enclosure and insert made of AMAPLAST.

Product Name:Wall mounted inlet
Part No.:844.
Earth position:6h.
Hertz 50-60Hz.
Connection technology:screw terminals.
Protection type IP44.
screw terminals.
for internal or external fixing.
cable entry also possible from top or fromm 862 the reaar.
for Mennekes Plug AM-TOP hinged lids for retrofit see accessories.

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