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616 Mennekes Panel mounted receptacle Mennekes 616

Product Name:Panel mounted receptacle
Part No.616. Mennekes 616 Mennekes 616
Ampere :32A.
Hertz:50-60 Hz.
Earth position:0 h.
Connection technology:Screw terminals.
Protection type:IP44.
screw terminals.
Mennekes 616
Model: 61F-D21T-V1 24VAC/DC.
Conductive level Controller

Product Name:Wall Mennekes Panel 616 mounted receptacle mounted receptacle
Part No.6106.
Ampere :32A. Mennekes Panel mounted receptacle 616
Poles:7P. Mennekes Panel mounted receptacle
Voltage:400V. Mennekes 616
Earth position:6h. Mennekes 616
Hertz:50-60 Hz.
Connection technology:Screw Mennekes 616 terminals.
Protection type:IP67.
screw terminals.
mechanical DUO-interlock.
highly heat resistant contact carrier.
nickel plated contacts.
3 pole switch.
receptacles can be padlocked.

Model: 61F-D21T-V1 24VAC.
Conductive level Controller

Model: 61FF-D211T-V1 616 Mennekes Panel mounted receptacle 100-240VAC.
Conductive level Controller

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