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4191 Part No4191 Type grey Mennekes 4191 Spacer frame

Product Name:Spacer frame
Part No.4191. Mennekes 4191 Mennekes 4191 Type:grey.
to compensate for unequal heights.
matching all Cepex surface mounted receptacles SCHUKO? as well as all Cepex CEE surface mounted 16A and 32A receptacles.
Mennekes 4191
Product Name:Cepex wall mounted receptacle
Part No.:4137.
Earth 4191 Mennekes 4191 position: 6h.
Hertz 50-60Hz. Mennekes 4191 4191
Protection type IP44.
screw Mennekes 4191 terminals.
with labelling field.
cable entry: 1 x M 25 with cable gland at top, 1 x M 25 to be cut out at the bottom, 1 x M 20 to be cut out at the back side, for cables 7 up to 13 mm ?.

Product Name:Wall mounted receptacle with TwinCONTACT.
Part No.:419.
Ampere:16 A.
Poles:5 p.
Earth position:6 h.
Hertz:50-60 Hz.
Connection technology:Screwless - TwinCONTACT.
Protection type:IP44.
screwless spring terminals.
suitable for through wiring.
internal fixing.
one cable entry at top and two blind entries (can be cut out) at bottom.
enclosure base can be turned 180°.
receptacles are designed for adding an auxiliary contact switch..

Product Name:Cepex panel mounted receptacle
Part No.:4142.
Earth position: 6h.
Hertz 50-60Hz.
Protection type IP44.
scscrew terminals.
with labelling field.
suitable for installation in cable ducts and columns.

Product Name:Cepex flush mounted receptacle
Part No.:4124.
Earth position: 7h.
Hertz 50-60Hz.
Protection type IP44.
screw terminals.
with flushh 4191 mounted installation boox.
meeting 4191 DIN 18032 standards for ball rebound.

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