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41456 Mennekes 41456 Data module

Product Name:Data module
Part No.41456. Mennekes 41456 Mennekes 41456 AMP, type: Data port insert 2 x RJ45, cat.6, (type AMP Twist Dual/Outlet).
suitable for Cepex receptacles, part no. 4350 and versions.
Mennekes 41456
Product Name:Cepex panel mounted receptacle
Part No.:4143.
Earth 41456 Mennekes 41456 position: 6h.
Hertz 50-60Hz. Mennekes 41456 41456
Protection type IP44. Mennekes 41456
scscrew terminals.
with labelling field.
suitable for installation Data module in cable ducts and columns.

Product Name:Data module
Part No.41455. Data module Data module BTR, Type: RJ45 connection module (type E-DATmodule 8(8) jack cat. 6).
suitable for Cepex receptacles, part no. 4340 and versions.

Product Name:Cable gland
Part No.41453. Type:M 25.
2 x 8, for 2 cables 6-8 mm.
matching all Cepex wall mounted receptacles.

Product Name:Data module
Part No.41457. AMP, Type: RJ45 connection module (type cat.6 SL Jackk).
suitabble 41456 Mennekes 41456 for Cepex receptacles, part no. 4360 and versions.

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