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25023 Mennekes 25023

Product Name:AMAXX? cable gland set
Part No.25023. Mennekes 25042 Mennekes 25042 black.
1 screw gland, 1 multi-seal with openings for cable diameters from 5 to 7 mm and blind plugs.
1 seal (perforation by the customer).
Mennekes 25023
Product Name:Data module
Part No.25056. Mennekes 25042 25042 Mennekes 25042 25042 Mennekes 25042 Reichle + De-Massari, type: data port insert Real 10, cat.6, screened, incl. frame for snap-in.
fits Cepex data port receptacle, part no. 4375 and variants.

Product Name:Plug AM-TOP?
Part No.:252.
Earth position: 6h.
Hertz 50-60Hz.
Connection technology:screw terminals.
Protection type IP44.
screw terminals.
single part body.
cable gland and sealing.
strain relief and protection against kinking.

Product Name:Network enclosure AMAXX?
Part No.25102.
Fitted with :2 Cepex data port sockets.
identical lock, prepared for 4 RJ45 connection module couplings, type E-DAT module, port, cat.6,
brand: BTR (part no. 41454) or OpDAT module LC or ST
(brand BTR - not delivery contains).
Enclosure size:130 x 225 mm (H x W).
Protection type:IP44.
network enclosure made of AMAPLAST.
protection class IP 44.
top part electric grey RAL 7035 or yellow RAL 1021, bottom part black with screw-in nuts for installation of a floor-mounted base.
including a height-adjustable mounting rail.
cable gland set with multiple seal.

Product Name:Compact network distributor
Part No.25738.
Fitted with :2 swiss standard type 23: 16A, 3p, 230V.
1 Cepex data port socket with 2 RJ45 connection module couplings Reichle + De-Massari, Real 10, cat.6, screened
Connection/feeder cable:2 x M 25 at the top (closed)
1 M 25 at the bottom (with cable gland)
1 M 25 2 x 8 at the bottom (with cable gland)
(seal insert for 2 individual cables up to 8 mm ?)
with terminal for 1 cable up to 3 x 4 mm2.
Enclosure size:118 x 170 mm (H x W).
Protection type:IP44.
network 25042 enclosure madde 25042 of AMAPLAST.
enclosure electric grey RAL 7035.

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