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Whether the program can be used

Time:2016-1-4 9:27:31

Before usa12href="/searchtechnology.html?search=NT631C&select=6">NT631C-ST151B-EV2 NT631C-ST151B-EV2 now NT631C-ST151B-EV2 found a NT631C-ST152B-EV2 dont knowwhether to 153 why touch-screen NT631C-ST152-EV2 II label displayed inthe system NT631C-ST151-EV2
Re:  Time:2016-1-4 15:18:00
NT631C-ST151B-EV2 program can be used NT631C-ST152B-EV2.Touch screen after power on, check the system is the correct serial number of the products displayed in the menu.
Re:Re:  Time:2016-1-4 17:42:00
Systems can be brushed
Re:Re:Re:  Time:2016-1-4 22:30:00
It can
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