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TKOF (821) task number

Time:2016-3-15 5:18:23

TKOF (821ks TKOF (821) in TKOF (821) a number of the directive what is meant by seekingexpert answers
Re:  Time:2016-3-15 13:47:00
Refer to elated TKOF (821) programming TKOF (821) tasks, you project you can create 32long scanning project, but in order to improve the efficiency, in therelated tasks you need to perform is to open, does not perform close thisportion of the program.
Re:Re:  Time:2016-3-15 16:11:00
Refers totask TKOF (821) number TKOF (821) you will loop task and interrupt programmingtasks, is the corresponding number
Re:Re:Re:  Time:2016-3-15 20:59:00
Is the pr TKOF (821) number, TKOF (821) also called task number.
Re:Re:Re:Re:  Time:2016-3-15 23:23:00
Referringask TKOF (821) number TKOF (821)
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