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Servo amplifier servo motor

Time:2015-12-25 0:47:37

Hello: hoidentify amplifier the amplifier production date and serial numberthe of servo amplifier and servo motor? Thank you
Re:  Time:2015-12-25 2:19:00
Hello, amplifier production date serial number in the second and third digits,such as 01 for January 10, motor serial number production date three spaces,such as 089 for September 08.
Re:Re:  Time:2015-12-25 4:43:00
Servo amplifier serial number is second, the third is the production of the year, the number of motor sequence number is the production of the year after the production
Re:Re:Re:  Time:2015-12-25 9:31:00
Well,noteank amplifier you amplifier
Re:Re:Re:Re:  Time:2015-12-25 11:55:00
Youre wel amplifier have amplifier a nice job
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