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PIDCONT instruction

Time:2015-11-22 7:16:49

PIDCONT wparameter instruction for instruction this command is used to control an external heatingelectric heating pipe output to control the output point? Thank you!
Re:  Time:2015-11-22 23:39:00
PID control of the output values of the directive is the MV value, thisparameter is +12, for example, you PIDCONT D600, then it's through the D612control output this parameter points. You can do this by comparing the currentvalue of a timer and D612, then outputs one y. Timer clock cycles can be set.Thank you.
Re:Re:  Time:2015-11-23 2:03:00
May I ask instruction I instruction use the value of PWM and +12 pulse modulation instructions do output this way?
Re:Re:Re:  Time:2015-11-23 6:51:00
No, the Pmmand instruction instruction instruction execution not called for in one of thevariables changes. When a variable changes should be OFF after which thecommand will be executed first and then make the changes. You can set a timer,current value and timer compare MV, output y.
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