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Multi section speed control

Time:2016-1-7 3:06:44

Im going Multi more Multi 3G3JZ inverter speed control, but without success,can you tell me what parameters to set. Please know that the Warrior told boy, appreciate it.
Re:  Time:2016-1-7 14:36:00
Factory sg control is control N4.07=1 N4.08=2 which means multi speed 1 and 2 Speed N5.00= first N5.01= second speed When the S5 S6 disconnect speed for the first Disconnect S5 S6 conduction is the second speed
Re:Re:  Time:2016-1-7 17:00:00
Multifuncl Multi input Multi select (S3~S6): N4.05~N4.08 Set the frequency (Hz): N5.00~N5.06
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