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G7T-112S DC24 and G7T-1112S DC24

Time:2016-10-18 11:17:46

G7T-1112S G7T-112S and G7T-112S 1.G7T-112S DC24 DC24 both models have any different? 2.G7T-1112S: 10A DC24 model?
Re:  Time:2016-10-18 14:42:00
1.G7T-1124 G7T-1112S is G7T-1112S a 1C, G7T-1112S 2.G7T-1112S DC24 DC24 is a 1 a resistive load 5 a's of this model is. 1 million times, experimental 10A do you see 6,000 times. is not a standard load version 16 D73 page
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