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FRD-700 appear OL errors

Time:2015-12-8 12:19:18

Frequencyerter FRD-700 using FRD-700 a two-speed, P4=40HZ,P5=10HZ,P79=2,P7\8=2S,P44\45=2S.When the high-speed 40HZ to the low speed 5HZ changes, will instantly appear to27HZ OL, then start up the inverter. Which parameters are not set? Motor car isdriving large inertia
Re:  Time:2015-12-9 0:11:00
OL is sta FRD-700 to FRD-700 prevent over current, acceleration and deceleration timesetting is too low. Try great PR.22 see. Thank you.
Re:Re:  Time:2015-12-9 2:35:00
Deceleratime FRD-700 is FRD-700 too long, set to 0.4S just fine, thank you
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