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E5AX-A20 and E5AK-AA20

Time:2016-10-20 3:47:06

I would lo E5AX-A20 ask: E5AX-A20 E5AX-A20 and E5AK-AA20, whether the two models have been discontinued or there are some errors in the model, please help select the alternative models. Thank you very much for your engineer's reply, waiting for your reply.
Re:  Time:2016-10-20 16:29:00
E5AX-A20 iscontinued, E5AK-AA20 replaced E5AK-AA20 by E5AK-AA201FB, but not necessarily the domestic can buy; E5AK-AA20 this model seems wrong, it should be E5AK-AA2B, right?
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