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on sales OMRON EE-SX1094 And EE-SX1094 Price

Brand: OMRON
Country: Japan
Product Name:
Model: EE-SX1094
Price(Just for reference): USD$ 0
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OMRON EE-SX1094 Introduction
OMRON EE-SX1058-P1 USD$2.5.
OMRON EE-SX1080 USD$1.81.
OMRON EE-SX1096 USD$2.5. OMRON EE-SX1094 Price
OMRON EE-SX1081 USD$1.67.
OMRON EE-SX1018 USD$1.39.
OMRON EE-SX1055 S1 USD$1.11.
OMRON OMRON EE-SX1094 Price EE-SX1046 USD$1.81.
OMRON EE-SX1054 USD$1.39.
OMRON OMRON EE-SX1094 Price EE-SX1063-P1 EE-SX USD$7.64.
Meeting Customer Needs with Ultra-compact Sensors that Mount with M3 Screws.
◇Mount EE-SX95 PDF using EE-SX95 datasheet M3 or M2 screws.
◇Reliable sensing slot depth of 6.5 mm.
◇Indication Photomicrosensor EE-SX95 datasheet EE-SX95 PDF of sensing window for EE-SX95 EE-SX95 PDF easy confirmation of insertion depth.
◇Bright indicator for confirmation from many directions.
◇Both light-ON and dark-ON outputs provided.
◇All models available with either standard cable or
flexible robot cable.
◇Load short-circuit protection circuit provided.
Photomicrosensor OMRON EE-SX Brochure PDF.
OMRON EE-SX97 Catalog PDF datashheet EE-SX95 datasheet Photomiicrosensor,. EE-SX95 ddatasheet EE-SX1094 Price
OMRON Photomicrosensors Manual PDF.

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