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E5EN-C3T AC100-240 favorable price OMRON E5EN-C3T AC100-240 Price

Brand: OMRON
Country: Japan
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OMRON E5EN-C3T AC100-240 Introduction
OMRON E5EN-C301T-W-FLK-N AC100-240 USD$311.94.
OMRON E5EN-C3YMT-500 AC100-240 OMRON E5EN-C3T AC100-240 Price USD$0.
OMRON E5EN-C3BBFT-N OMRON E5EN-C3T AC100-240 Price AC100-240 USD$355.14.
OMRON E5EN-C303TD-FLK-N E5EN OMRON E5EN-C3T AC100-240 Price AC/DC24 USD$320.69.
OMRON E5EN-C303T-W-FLK-N AC100-240 USD$323.06.
OMRON E5EN-C3BT-N AC100-240 USD$290.69.
OMRON E5EN-C3T-W-N AC100-240 USD$261.67.
OMRON E5EN-C3BBFL-N AC100-240 USD$352.78.
Model: E5EN-C3ML-500-N AC100-240.
Size: 1/8 DIN 48 × 96 × 78(W × H × D).
Case color: Black.
Power supply voltage: 100 to 240 VAC.
Input type: Analog(current/voltage).
Auxiliary outputs: 3.
Control output 1: Current output.
Programmable Temperature Controller (Digital Controller)
(96 E5AN-HT E5AN-HT datasheet E5EN-HT E5EN-HT datasheet E5AN-HT datasheet Controller E5EN-HT datasheet x 96 mm and 48 x 96 mm)
Programmable Controllers Join the Series!
Program E5AN-HT PDF up to 256 segments and take advantage of the excellent cost/performance of the new LCD that E5AN-HT PDF improves both the field of view and
◇Set up to 8 programmed patterns with up to 32 segments E5AN-HT PDF (steps) each.
◇High-resolution display with 5 digits/0.01°C display.
◇High-speed sampling cycle of 60 ms.
◇High Accuracy
Thermocouple/Pt input: ±0.1% of PV
Analog input: ±0.1% FS
◇Universal inputs on all models (thermocouple, PT, or analog input) to handle various sensors with one Controller. Models also
available with Remote SP.
◇A PV/SV-status display function can be set to automatically alternate between displaying the status of the Temperature
Controller (auto/manual, RUN/RESET, and alarms) and the PV or SV.
◇Flexible contact outputs with logic operations (AND, OR, and delays) set from the Support Software (CX-Thermo version 4.3).
Program settings can be managed.
◇An infrared ports enables communications from the front panel.
◇Preventive maintenance for relays in the Temperature Controller using a Control Output ON/OFF Counter.
◇Model available with position-proporttional E5AN-HT datasheet contrrol.
OMRON E5EN-HT E5EN-C3T AC100-240 Price datasheet E5AN-HT/E5EN-HT Catalog PDF datasheet.

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