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wholesale G2AK-2321P DC24 OMRON G2AK-2321P DC24 Price

Brand: OMRON
Country: Japan
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OMRON G2AK-2321P DC24 Introduction
OMRON G2A-4321P DC12 USD$16.39.
OMRON G2A-434A-D DC24 USD$19.72.
OMRON G2A-432A OMRON G2AK-2321P DC24 Price DC24 USD$16.25.
OMRON G2AK-232A AC100 USD$32.08.
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OMRON G2A-432A-N AC24 USD$24.58.
OMRON OMRON G2AK-2321P DC24 Price G2A-434A AC24 USD$22.92.
OMRON G2AK-232A DC24 USD$25.69.
OMRON G2A-4L32A AC200/220 USD$30.
OMRON G2A-432A-N DC24 USD$12.64.
Latching Relay
Magnetic Latching Version of G2A Ideal for Sequence Relay G2AK datasheet G2AK PDF Control
◇Double-winding latch system with continuous rating.
◇Terminals G2AK PDF G2AK G2AK datasheet pulled from G2AK PDF the respective junctions between the built-in diodes and set and reset coils allow the built-in diodes to be externally connected for coil surge absorption.
◇Excellent vibration/shock resistance with minimal secular decrease in latching power.
◇Easy monitoring of ON/OFF operation due to the built-in operation indicator mechanism.
◇Same outline dimensions as the standard models of G2A.
OMRON G3ZA State Relays datasheet PDF Catalog.
OMRON GT1-TS04 Manual Relay Outpuut G2AK datasheet GT1-TS04 PDFF,. G2AK datasheet G2AK-2321P DC24 Price
OMRON G7S Catalog PDF datasheet Power Relay.

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