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sales FX2N-128MT-ES/UL And Mitsubishi FX2N-128MT-ES/UL Price

Country: Japan
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Price(Just for reference): USD$ 459.31
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Mitsubishi FX2N-128MT-ES/UL Introduction
Mitsubishi FX2N-128MR-ES/UL USD$450.69.
Mitsubishi FX2N-10GM USD$208.06.
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi FX2N-128MT-ES/UL Price FX2N-16MT-001 USD$159.44.
Mitsubishi FX2N-16EX-C.
Mitsubishi FX2N-16MS.
Mitsubishi FX2N-16EYT-C. Mitsubishi FX2N-128MT-ES/UL Price
Mitsubishi FX2N-16EYS.
Mitsubishi FX2N-16MR-001 USD$155.97.
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi FX2N-128MT-ES/UL Price FX2N-1 FX2N-16LNK-M USD$164.72.
Mitsubishi FX2N-16CCL-M USD$173.33.
Model: FX2N-16CCL-M.
Module type: Master station.

Link points per station I/O points: 32.

Link points per register: 8.

MELSEC FX1N;FX2N;FX2NC;FX3U series compatible.

Weight(kg): 0.4.

Dimensions (W x H x D)mm: 85 x 90 x 87
Model: FX2N-128MT-ESS/UL.
Max.number inputs/outputs: 128 points.
Power supply: 100–240 V AC.
Integrated inputs: 64 points.
Integrated outputs: 64 points.
Output type: Transistor(source).
Power consumption: 100VA.
Weight(kg): 1.8.
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm: 350 x 90 x 87
Model: FX2N-16EYS.
Max.number inputs/outputs: 16 points.
Power supply: All modular extension blocks are supplied by the base unit.
Integrated inputs: --.
Integrated outputs: 16 points.
Output type: Triac.
MELSEC FX1N/FX2N(C) and FX3U series compatible.
Weight(kg): 0.3.
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm: 40 x 90 x 87
At various times throughout this manual certain symbols will be used to highlight FX2N-16CCL-M PDF points of
information FX2N-16CCL-M FX2N-16CCL-M Manual which FX2N-16CCL-M PDF are intended to ensure the users personal safety and protect the integrity FX2N-16CCL-M Manual of
equipment. FX2N-16CCL-M PDF Whenever any of the following symbols are encountered its associated note must
be read and understood. FX2N-16CCL-M User's Manual Each of the symbols used will now be listed with a brief description of
its meaning
FX2N-16CCL-M FX2N-16CCL-M User's Manual PDF Hardware Manual Mitsubishi FX2N-16CCL-M Manual.
Mitsubishi FX2N-16CCL-M Manual Master FX2N-16CCL-M User's Manual BBlock FX2N-16CCL-M Manual FX2N-16CCL-M PDF.
Cc-Link System Master Block Mitsubishi FX2N-16CCCL-M FX2N-16CCL-M PPDF FX2N-128MT-ES/UL Price Manual PDF.
Mitsubishi FX3U-16CCL-M PDF Manual PLC.

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