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sales A22E-M-01(OEE-FIN) And OMRON A22E-M-01(OEE-FIN) Price

Brand: OMRON
Country: Japan
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OMRON A22E-M-01(OEE-FIN) Introduction
OMRON A22E-M-02 USD$15.83.
OMRON A22E-M-12 USD$18.19.
OMRON A22E-M-12B USD$67.5. OMRON A22E-M-01(OEE-FIN) Price
OMRON A22E-M-11B USD$57.78.
OMRON A22E-M-01B USD$51.11.
OMRON A22E-M-02B USD$57.78.
OMRON OMRON A22E-M-01(OEE-FIN) Price A22E-M-03 USD$19.03.
OMRON A22E-M-01 USD$14.03.
OMRON A22E-M-11 USD$15.83.
OMRON OMRON A22E-M-01(OEE-FIN) Price A22E-M-10 USD$15.42.
Emergency Stop Switch (22-dia./25-dia.).
Install in 22-dia. Switch A22E dataSheet A22E PDF or 25-dia. Panel Cutout.
◇Safety lock mechanism prevents operating A22E PDF errors.
◇Easy mounting and removal A22E dataSheet A22E of Switch A22E A22E PDF Blocks using a lever.
◇Mount three Switch Units in series to improve wiring efficiency
(with non-lighted Switch Units, three Units can be mounted for
multiple contacts).
◇Finger protection mechanism on Switch Unit provided as a
standard feature.
◇Install using either round, or forked crimp terminals.
◇Oil-resistant to IP65 (non-lighted models)/IP65 (lighted models)
◇A lock plate is provided as a standard feature to ensure that the
control box and switch are not easily seeparated.
OMMRON A22E dataSheet A22E dataSheett A22E-M-01(OEE-FIN) Price A22E Prod Certs Emergency Stop Switch download.

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