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on sales OMRON 43531-5240 MS4424R And 43531-5240 MS4424R Price

Brand: OMRON
Country: Japan
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OMRON 43531-5240 MS4424R Introduction
OMRON 43815-1116 MC4-1116 USD$1240.56.
OMRON 43688-0020 BS2LA USD$447.08.
OMRON OMRON 43531-5240 MS4424R Price 43815-0110 MC4-0110 USD$710.97.
OMRON 43427-0050 BS2RAC USD$803.33.
OMRON 43946-1022 MC4700-MKT2-SS OMRON 43531-5240 MS4424R Price USD$95.83.
OMRON 43427-0070 BS2RC24 USD$679.31.
OMRON 43939-0010 MC6DC-0010 OMRON 43531-5240 MS4424R Price USD$769.03.
OMRON MS4 43815-1111 MC4-1111 USD$1073.61.
OMRON 43764-4848 TKC-4848 USD$439.44.
OMRON 43516-1010 LCC-DN-DC1 USD$1104.58.
Stop Motion Sensing Unit
◇ Relays SR125SMS45 SR125SMS45 datasheet PDF Power requirements—the SR125SMS45 SR125SMS45 SR125SMS45 PDF will accept 24 VDC or SR125SMS45 datasheet 110 VAC.
◇ Motion detection input—the SR125SMS45 detects the SR125SMS45 PDF stop condition of all types of AC or DC motors by sensing the motor's back EMF across terminals Z1, Z2 and Z3.
◇ Drive compatible—the SR125SMS45 will function with electronic motor control devices such as variable speed controllers, DC injection brakes, etc.
◇ Selectable speed limit—the SR125SMS45 has 1 N/O and 1 N/C outputs that
are switched when motor speed reaches the adjustable preset limit (0.01 to
0.10 V) for the particular output.
◇ Auxiliary output—the SR125SMS45 has 2 solid state auxiliary signaling outputs.
G7SB OMRON Relays datasheet PDF Catalog.
OMRON G3PH State Relays datasheet PDF Catalogg,. SR125SMS45 datasheet
OOMRON SR125SMS45 datasheeet 43531-5240 MS4424R Price G3FM Solid State Relays datasheet PDF Catalog.

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