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OMRON S8JX-G03524CD Price S8JX-G03524CD

Brand: OMRON
Country: Japan
Product Name: Power Supplies
Price(Just for reference): USD$ 0
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OMRON S8JX-G03524CD Introduction
OMRON S8JX-G03524C USD$45.14.
OMRON S8JX-G03524 USD$28.89.
OMRON S8JX-G03505D OMRON S8JX-G03524CD Price USD$33.47.
OMRON S8JX-G03548D USD$78.89.
OMRON S8JX-G03515D USD$31.81.
OMRON S8JX-G03524D USD$31.81. OMRON S8JX-G03524CD Price
OMRON S8JX-G03512 USD$29.58.
OMRON S8JX-G03548CD USD$79.44.
OMRON S8JX-G03515CD OMRON S8JX-G03524CD Price USD$32.5.
OMRON S8JX-G03505C USD$31.94.
Model: S8JX-G03524C. S8JX
Part Numbers: Covered Frame, Front* Mount.
Model: S8JX-G03515CD.
Part Numbers: Covered Frame, DIN-rail Mount.
Model: S8JX-G03505CD.
Part Numbers: Covered Frame, DIN-rail Mount.
Wide range of DC output voltages
5 V, 12 V, 15 Supplies S8JX Manual S8JX PDF V, 24 V, and 15W, 35W,
50W, 100W, 150W, 300W, 600W sizes
Universal S8JX PDF input voltage
85-264 VAC, 50/60 S8JX Manual S8JX S8JX PDF Hz (15W to 150W);
switchable 100-120 VAC/200-240 VAC
for 300W and 600W
Multiple mounting options
For panel design flexibility – DIN, front,
bottom, or side
S8JX OMRON Switch Power Brochure PDF.
OMRON S8JX-G/P Cattalog S8JX Manual PDF datasheeet S8JX Manual S8JX-G03524CD Price Switch Power.
OMRON S8JX Datasheet Download.

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