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OMRON R88M-WP10030T stock sales R88M-WP10030T Price

Brand: OMRON
Country: Japan
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OMRON R88M-WP10030T Introduction
OMRON R88M-WP10030L-BW USD$1388.47.
OMRON R88M-WP10030L-B USD$1225.97.
OMRON OMRON R88M-WP10030T Price R88M-WP10030T-W USD$1245.69.
OMRON R88M-WP10030H-BW USD$1388.47.
OMRON R88M-WP10030L-S1 USD$831.81. OMRON R88M-WP10030T Price
OMRON R88M-WP10030L USD$802.22.
OMRON R88M-WP10030L-WS1 USD$994.31.
OMRON OMRON R88M-WP10030T Price R88M-WP10030H-G25CJ USD$2209.44.
OMRON R88M-WP10030T-BWS1 USD$1693.06.
OMRON R88M-WP10030S-BW USD$1668.89.
G-Series servo motors A wide range of compact servomotors to meet all application R88M R88M-G PDF needs.
◇ R88M-G datasheet Peak torque 300% of continuous torque during 3 seconds or more depending on model.
◇ Servomotors R88M-G PDF supported by SmartStep2, R88M-G R88M-G datasheet R88M-G PDF Servo G-Series and Accurax G5 servo drives.
◇ Cylindrical and flat servomotors types are available.
◇ Encoder accuracy of 10,000 step/rev as standard and 17-bit INC/ABS encoder as optional.
◇ IP65 as standard and shaft oil seal available.
◇ Motors with brake as option Ratings.
◇ 230 VAC single-phase 50 W to 1.5 kW (rated torque from 0.16 to 8.62 Nm).
OMRON R88M-G/R88M-GN Manual PDF.
R88M-G/R7D-BP OMRON Servos Manuual R88M-G datasheet PDF,. OMRON R88M-G datashheet R88M-WP10030T Price R88M-G/GT Manual Servo system R88M-G/GT PDF.

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