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wholesale AJ65SBT2B-64TD Mitsubishi AJ65SBT2B-64TD Price

Country: Japan
Product Name: Analog Temperature input module
Price(Just for reference): USD$ 0
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Mitsubishi AJ65SBT2B-64TD Introduction
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTB32-16KDR8.
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTB1-32DTE1 USD$146.53.
Mitsubishi Mitsubishi AJ65SBT2B-64TD Price AJ65SBTB2-16T1 USD$60.69.
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTB1-8D USD$71.11.
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTB3-8D USD$55.42. Mitsubishi AJ65SBT2B-64TD Price
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTCF1-32D USD$69.31. AJ65SB Mitsubishi AJ65SBT2B-64TD Price
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTW4-16D USD$104.03.
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTB32-8DT USD$71.11.
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTC1-32T USD$57.22.
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTB1-32D USD$65.83.
Model: AJ65SBTB32-16DT2
Input 8 points: 24VDC (positive common).
3-wire type.
Response time 1.5ms.
Output 8 points: 24VDC (0.5A).
Transistor output (sink type) .
2-wire type.
Terminal block type (low-leakage current type).
Screw terminal block type
Model: AJ65SBTB2-8T
Output 8 points: 12/24VDC (0.5A) .
Transistor output (sink type).
2-wire type .
Terminal block type.
Screw terminal block type
Model: AJ65SBTB3-16D5
Input 16 points: 5VDC (positive/negative common shared).
3-wire type.
Terminal block type .
Response time 1.5ms.
Screw terminal block type
The precautions given in this manual are concerned with this product only
AJ65SBTB1-16TE AJ65SBTB1-16T PDF PDF User's Manual Mitsubishi AJ65SBTB1-16TE AJ65SBTB1-16T Manual Manual.
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTB1-16T AJ65SBTB1-16T PDF AJ65SBTB1-16T1 Manual PDF.
Mitsubishi AJ65SBTB1-16T Manual NZ2GF2B1N-16TE AJ65SBTB1-16T PDF Manual PDF.
Network Remote I/O Module Mitsubishi NZ2GF2B1-16T Manual PDF.
Miitsubishi AJ65SBTB1-16T Manual AJ65SBTB1-16T User's Manual NZ2GFCM1-16TE PDF Manual.
NZ2GF22B1N-16T AJ65SBTB1-16TT AJ65SBT2B-64TD Price PDF PDF User's Manual Mitsubishi NZ2GF2B1N-16T Manual.

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