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OMRON WL/WLM datasheet PDF Catalog

Product Model: WL/WLM
Brand: OMRON
Category: datasheet
File Size: 3.89MB
Download address: OMRON WL/WLM Limit Switch datasheet
Two-circuit Limit Switch/Long-life Two-circuit Limit Switch
Wide Range of WLM datasheet Two-circuit WL datasheet Switches; Select WLM href="/searchdownload.html?search=WL&select=5">WL WLM datasheet WL datasheet One for the Operating Environment/Application.
◇A wide WLM datasheet selection of models are available, including the overtravel models with greater WL PDF OT, indicator-equipped models for checking operation, low-temperature models, heat-resistant models, WL PDF and corrosion-proof models.
◇Microload models are added to the product lineup.
◇Approved standards: WL PDF EC/IEC, UL, CSA, CCC (Chinese standard).
Contact your OMRON representative for information on approved models.
Limit Switch OMRON WL-N/WLM-N datasheet PDF Catalog.
OMRON WL-N datashheet WL datasheet PDF Catalogg,. WLM datasheet
OMRON Limit Switch WL/WLM datasheet PDF Catalog.

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