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Mitsubishi MR-J3W-_B PDF Manual Servo Amplifier

Product Model: MR-J3W-_B
Brand: Mitsubishi
Category: Installation Manual
File Size: 6.62MB
Download address: Mitsubishi MR-J3W-_B Servo Amplifier Installation Manual
The Mitsubishi AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J3W series is an AC servo that requires MR-J3W-_B PDF less space, less wiring,
and less energy while it maintains MR-J3W-_B Manual MR-J3W-_B MR-J3W-_B PDF high performance, functionality and usability of MELSERVO-J3-B. MR-J3W-_B Manual MR-J3W-_B PDF
Two servo motors can be driven by this MR-J3W servo amplifier. Driving two servo motors by one MR-J3W-_B Installation Manual MR-J3W
servo amplifier cuts down the installation area compared to the area required for two MR-J3 MR-J3W-_B Installation Manual servo amplifiers.
Side-by-side installation is also available, making the system more compact.
Integrated MR-J3W-_B Installation Manual 2-axis structure allows two axes to share the same SSCNET cable, control circuit power cable, and
main circuit power cable, cutting down the wiring area.
The capacitor in the MELSERVO-J3W series is re-charged, doubling the reusable energy compared to it of the
MELSERVO-J3 series. Regenerative energy is generated during deceleration of a servo motor. By reusing that
energy, much energy is saved. Depending on the operating condition, the regenerative option may be disabled.
The MR-J3W-77B servo amplifier has a 100W regenerative resistor built in, making the regenerative option
unnecessary even for a large regenerative load.
By simply shifting the switch, a rotary servo motor, a linear servo motor or a direct drive motor can be used for
each axis for the MR-J3W servo amplifier. A rotary servo motor, a linear servo motor and a direct drive motor
with different capacities can be connected to the MR-J3W-22B and MR-J3W-44B servo amplifier axes.
Using MELSERVO-J3W makes the linear servo motor and the direct drive motor structure simple and the
equipment compact with high performance. Using MELSERVO-J3W also saves the space.
As explained above, integrated 2-axis structure, multi-function, and improved regeneration efficiency reduce the
required parts for a servo system.
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