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F3SJ-E Manual OMRON F3SJ-E PDF User's Manual

Product Model: F3SJ-E
Brand: OMRON
Category: User's Manual
File Size: 22.01MB
Download address: OMRON F3SJ-E Safety Light Curtain User's Manual
There are two sensor types: F3SJ-E F3SJ-E F3SJ-E Manual F3SJ-E PDF and F3SJ-B as follows:
? Easy Type
The model name is represented Curtain F3SJ-E F3SJ-E Manual PDF as F3SJ-E????P25.
The Easy Type can be easily F3SJ-E PDF used as it limits functions available as external test and lockout reset with
less wiring (emitter: F3SJ-E User's Manual 5-wire, receiver: 6-wire)
? Basic Type
The model name is represented as F3SJ-B????P25.
The Basic F3SJ-E User's Manual Type offers more functions than the Easy Type, allowing you to select a system (basic or
muting) according F3SJ-E User's Manual to your application.
Functions available for each system are as follows:
◇Basic system
The default is set as basic system.
Functions: external test, lockout reset, interlock, external device monitoring, auxiliary output and
series connection.
OMRON F3SJ-E PDF Manual Safety Light Curtain.
OMRON Safety Light Curtain F3SSJ-E/F3SJ-B F3SJ-E Manual Prod Ceert F3SJ-E PDF PDF.
OMRON F3SJ-E/F3SJ-B Instruction sheet PDF.

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