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D4NH PDF OMRON D4NH datasheet and Catalog

Product Model: D4NH
Brand: OMRON
Category: datasheet
File Size: 1.54MB
Download address: OMRON D4NH Hinge Switch datasheet
Safety-door Hinge Switch
Compact, Plastic-body Safety-door Hinge Switch D4NH D4NH datasheet Designed for Saving Space in Machines and Other Equipment.
◇Lineup D4NH PDF includes three contact models D4NH datasheet with 2NC/1NO and
3NC contact forms in addition D4NH PDF to the previous contact forms 1NC/1NO, and 2NC. Models with MBB contacts are also available.
◇Standardized gold-clad contacts provide high contact reliability. Can be used with both standard loads and microloads.
OMRON D4N/D4N-R/D4NH PDF Prood D4NH datasheet Certs.
>OMRON D4NH datasheet D4NH datasheet and Catalog Hinge Switch D4NH PDF.

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