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A22NN/A22NL PDF OMRON A22NN/A22NL datasheet and Catalog

Product Model: A22NN/A22NL
Brand: OMRON
Category: datasheet
File Size: 10.40MB
Download address: OMRON A22NN/A22NL Pushbutton Switche datasheet
Pushbutton Switches
22-mm A22NN A22NN datasheet A22NL datasheet Pushbutton Switches Universal Design.
Emphasis on Color Coding, Workability, and Safety.Easy A22NL datasheet to Use
◇You can connect A22NN datasheet up to three Contact Blocks in one stage formultistage expansion.
◇The A22NL datasheet A22NL terminals A22NN PDF can be retightened when Contact Blocks are stacked.
◇Contact Blocks can be attached in any direction A22NN PDF for easy assembly.
◇Screw terminal structure is compatible with round crimp terminals.
◇Easy-to-operate A22NN PDF lock lever for secure locking.
◇Easy-mounting Contact Blocks provide finger protection.
◇Different colors of Contact Blocks (NO: blue, NC: orange)
help prevent wiring errors.
Product Lineup
◇Meet global safety standards.
◇Available with metal or plastic bezels.
◇Many color variationns.
◇Standard--feature A22NN datasheet A22NL datasheet degree of protection: IP66, NEMA 4X, and NEMA 13.

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