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MANUAL, the output terminal can also pick up 220VAC, now I don't know exactly how to take the output voltage. How do I judge correctly? Thanks
Can CJ1W-NCF71 achieve closed loop control
MANUAL says it is open loop control and servo drive, with the communication of the CJ1W-NCF71 can achieve closed-loop control?
MANUAL of Chinese information can be downloaded, thank you!
MANUAL? Thank you!
MANUAL of the control unit.
FX3G speed compare
MANUAL shows limited to use, no more than 6 times, each instruction 6 is a total of 6 times. FX1N and FX3G high performance, FX1N don't seem to have this restriction.
FX3U three servo motor control problems
MANUAL are exactly the same.
MD211 line
MANUAL, from the diagram is not answering any line, but MD211 on the accompanying statement and made it clear that B19 +24V you want to connect, and A19 are the same definition. Which one right? Why t
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